Équipe Civiliti 2023

civiliti is a Montreal firm specializing in urban and landscaping projects with a high public content.

Since its founding in 2001, the firm has centred its practice on the development of urban landscapes, with the goal of forging and strengthening the identity of the city. A strong proponent of the idea that public space is essential to building community , civiliti believes that the form we give to public spaces has the potential to imbue the land with a long-lasting spirit of togetherness. Grounded in recognized contemporary approaches, civiliti’s practice is focused on reflection and a holistic view of public space design.

Victoire Herrenschmidt

victoire herrenschmidt

urban designer

Holding a bachelor’s degree (2017) and master’s degree in architecture from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille (2019), Victoire Herrenschmidt’s training was completed by a year-long university exchange and internship in architecture in Portugal. While her dissertation questioned the role of public space as a support for society, her final-year project looked at the analysis of a territory and the design of a large garden as a place that cultivates a pedagogy of experimentation and empowers individuals to intervene in their territory. At civiliti since early 2020, Victoire has been working on the development of sketches and conceptual plans for urban projects.