Équipe Civiliti 2023

civiliti is a Montreal firm specializing in urban and landscaping projects with a high public content.

Since its founding in 2001, the firm has centred its practice on the development of urban landscapes, with the goal of forging and strengthening the identity of the city. A strong proponent of the idea that public space is essential to building community , civiliti believes that the form we give to public spaces has the potential to imbue the land with a long-lasting spirit of togetherness. Grounded in recognized contemporary approaches, civiliti’s practice is focused on reflection and a holistic view of public space design.

Jean-Pierre Lavoie -

Jean-Pierre Lavoie

architectural designer

A graduate of the École de design de l’environnement de l’UQAM (1991), Jean-Pierre Lavoie is pursuing a career focused on the act of building in all its expressions. Following his meeting with Jacques Rousseau, he participated in the construction of the Maison Coloniale. He then studied urban design under Melvin Charney in the “Urban Architecture” module at the Université de Montréal (1994-96), and took advantage of his exchange at the Saint-Étienne School of Architecture (France) to continue his apprenticeship as a journeyman in traditional carpentry. His practice in the film industry has enabled him to bridge his multidisciplinary experiences, working as art director and set designer on several film projects.

An independent collaborator of civiliti for several years, Jean-Pierre combines a diversified practice with extensive construction experience to develop projects from concept to completion. His eye for detail leads him to develop precise architectural assemblies that highlight the characteristics and properties of different materials. His design work is also rooted in an understanding of the capabilities of the construction industry.