Équipe Civiliti 2023

civiliti is a Montreal firm specializing in urban and landscaping projects with a high public content.

Since its founding in 2001, the firm has centred its practice on the development of urban landscapes, with the goal of forging and strengthening the identity of the city. A strong proponent of the idea that public space is essential to building community , civiliti believes that the form we give to public spaces has the potential to imbue the land with a long-lasting spirit of togetherness. Grounded in recognized contemporary approaches, civiliti’s practice is focused on reflection and a holistic view of public space design.

Fannie Duguay Lebebvre 162

Fannie Duguay-Lefebvre

founding partner
urban designer

Trained at the Université de Montréal School of Architecture, Fannie Duguay-Lefebvre has been designing urban spaces for over 20 years, combining urban design, landscape architecture and architecture. A seasoned professional, she has extensive practical experience acquired through the management of large-scale urban projects, a concrete and rigorous knowledge of each stage of the project and particularly recognized expertise in the construction phases, enabling the delivery of high-quality public spaces.

In 2015, she founded civiliti with Peter Soland, cementing their long-standing collaboration. Within the firm, Fannie acts as project manager and lead designer for complex urban and landscape development projects such as the Griffintown public realm requalification currently underway. As a project manager or discipline lead, she assumes management and design responsibilities with conviction, methodology and respect for the various stakeholders. Responsible for quality control of projects at all stages, she also provides site management and supervision, actively participating in strategic decision-making to support the project’s conceptual ideas and spatial strategies, as well as ensuring its material quality. Her expertise in estimating urban and landscape developments, acquired through a wide range of public projects, enables her to ensure that established budgets are respected without ever compromising the quality of the design or diminishing the imperatives of the project.

Involved as a guest professor in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in architecture (UdeM), Fannie’s approach is one of research-creation, analyzing the city, architecture and territory as landscapes imbued with movement and events. Explorations at the boundaries of planning and media arts enrich her observations of the contemporary urban landscape, and have allowed her to develop an expertise in video as an essential tool in the creative process. A member of the medialabAU research-creation laboratory since its inception in 2001, her work has been exhibited in Montreal and internationally, contributing as author and co-curator to a number of these events, disseminating unique and authentic research on the city.