Équipe Civiliti 2023

civiliti is a Montreal firm specializing in urban and landscaping projects with a high public content.

Since its founding in 2001, the firm has centred its practice on the development of urban landscapes, with the goal of forging and strengthening the identity of the city. A strong proponent of the idea that public space is essential to building community , civiliti believes that the form we give to public spaces has the potential to imbue the land with a long-lasting spirit of togetherness. Grounded in recognized contemporary approaches, civiliti’s practice is focused on reflection and a holistic view of public space design.

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etienne ostiguy

urban designer, architect

Etienne Ostiguy holds bachelor’s (2007) and master’s (2008) degrees in architecture from Université de Montréal, and also studied pure and applied mathematics at Université de Montréal (2004). During his training in architecture, he was introduced to urban design and video in the “Architecture, city and digital media” workshop. His project for the Society for Arts and Technology on Montreal’s Old Main was presented at the Rencontres internationales d’Annecy “Cinéma et architecture” in 2007.

His rich and atypical background enables him to bring a sharp eye to civiliti’s projects, combining rigor and creativity. A member of the team since 2009, he has worked on a variety of urban projects, from the Outremont railway viaduct to the streets of Griffintown, and is particularly involved in the project execution phase, which he greatly enjoys. He also acts as construction supervisor for several of the studio’s flagship public projects, including the award-winning Escales découvertes project. His thoroughness and detailed knowledge of standards requirements mean that he is able to carefully and efficiently supervise the implementation of projects, both in the office and on site, always with the highest quality of work in mind.

As part of the medialabAU university research-creation laboratory, Etienne has developed his skills in 3D representation of the city and in video and audio editing. His involvement continues through his teaching of 3D tools in Bachelor’s and Master’s of architecture workshops, and his many contributions to university studio critiques.