Métamorphoses Créatives

Publication of design guidelines Métamorphoses créatives

Métamorphoses Créatives - Jacques-Tétrault Street

Imagine a living laboratory where art expresses itself in a spirit of continuous transformation, a bustling urban destination where art and cultural events are renewed each season, invading all public and private realms, reinventing the encounters of arts and citizenry. In collaboration with Mandaworks and Julie Margot Design, we recently completed the design guidelines for Métamorphoses créatives, taking over from the teams selected following the competition in 2019. This final version, anchored in a unifying narrative, embodies the signature nature/culture identity of the Montmorency sector of Laval, outlines the framework for the deployment of arts, design and architecture and defines the thematic and implementation parameters. The initiative of the Department of Culture, Leisure, Sport and Social Development aims to mobilize all the actors involved in the redevelopment of the sector, local institutions and cultural actors, to join forces in order to forge the new urban and creative identity of Montmorency. We are delighted to announce that the design guidelines have now been approved by the municipality and that the first two identity interventions – Ambiance Markers – will invade the sector in the winter of 2024.

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